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This is Software-Driven Control
Demand management for workloads in your datacenters & clouds

More Than Virtualization Management

Unified Control & Management for Mixed Environments
Use VMTurbo to manage heterogeneous environments as a single pool of resources

Embrace Diversity

Give Critical Apps an HOV Lane

Automatically prioritize Tier 1 apps when infrastructure resources are constrained

Classify workloads as gold, silver, bronze for automated service assurance

Double your headroom with optimal workload resource alignment

Automatically multiplex demand peaks across separate physical resources to drive higher utilization without contention.

Same Hardware, More Workloads

Software-Driven Control for the Software Defined World

Welcome to the Software-Defined World. A world of endless opportunities – and endless potential risks. Outages. VM Sprawl. Vendor Lock-In.

What you need isn’t technology built to assure performance. Or maximize efficiency. Or increase agility. You need technology that does it all: Assure performance AND maximize efficiency AND increase agility.

This is Software-Driven Control.

Adapt in real-time to changing needs across the stack

Workload Mobility
Move workloads across environments. Provision on demand. Dynamically burst to clouds.

Plan for anything
Datacenter simulation tools model environment upgrades, expansions, consolidation.

Vendor Unlock
Support heterogeneous workloads, hypervisors, storage, and network layers.

Continuously resolve and prevent bottlenecks

Prevent degradations
Automated service assurance based on performance and availability.

Resolve bottlenecks
Get answers - not just data - to eliminate MTTR.

Re-gain control
Software-Defined is beyond human scale, a new approach takes it back.

Maximize utilization now and as you grow

Get more from existing resources
Increase VM density with optimal workload placement.

Control costs while scaling
Planning connected to real-time operations data for true capacity management.

Cost effectively improve performance
Run “what-if” scenarios based on your production systems data.

What our happy customers say

Here's what our
Happy Customers say

Nick Casagrande

IT Director for Southern Waste Systems

There’s no one else that does what VMTurbo does. It’s simple to install, it’s fully automated and it’s ready to go out of the box to give recommendations in less than 5 minutes

Nick Casagrande

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Jesse Kozikowski

Server Analyst at ASPIRUS

So the trend in Healthcare today is preventative medicine, making sure that people don’t get sick in the first place. Sort of exactly what we are doing in our virtual infrastructure with VMTurbo.

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Industry Feedback

Jeff Wilson

VMTurbo is awesome and unique in an on-prem context as it bridges the gap between cost & operations, but it’s also kind of a window into our future as IT pros

Chris Wahl

I've only scratched the surface of this tool, as it contains a lot more parts and pieces that I did not have time to play with. But from a UCS perspective, I’m really diggin’ this bad boy. :)

Aaron Delp

VMTurbo Isn't Your Daddy's VMware Monitoring Tool
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