Accelerating Virtualization Initiatives

A central challenge of IT is how to increase virtualization penetration rates from current 40% to fully virtualized IT (80% and above). According to Gartner, “The use of x86-architecture virtual machines has been increasing at a torrid pace since their introduction in 2011; however, this growth will start to slow in 2012.” This slow down emerges as virtualization exhausts the pool of performance-insensitive applications. Leaving these mission-critical applications un-virtualized can result in higher costs and management challenges as virtualized and non-virtualized applications pursue different infrastructure and operational trajectories.

Unfortunately, current virtualization technologies are inadequate to provide the performance assurances required by business-critical applications. In this whitepaper you’ll learn how Unified Virtualization Management (UVM) technologies will not only assure application performance, but also provide systemic whole-stack and whole-system management solutions well beyond the ad-hoc fragmentation and limitations of current systems.