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Arista Networks Webinar Excerpt: Arista LANZ

by December 19th, 2014

Watch On-Demand “The kind of customers that want to cloudify their infrastructure are trying to do it with minimal staff, and they have to have automation and visibility built into the network with the kind of intelligence delivered by VMTurbo.” … READ MORE

Hybrid Cloud Burst – What, Where and When?

by December 19th, 2014

A recent article from Forbes titled Everybody Is Hot On Hybrid Cloud, Even If They Don’t Quite Understand What It Is, highlights that executives are bullish on the hybrid cloud – which combines public cloud services with those of the … READ MORE

OpenStack for Enterprise at TechGenix CloudCON 2014

by December 15th, 2014

Full Recording Here “When we talk about the tipping point, it’s because there is change ahead. And I’m not talking about massive, quick shifts, but rather, an inevitable, slow move. We have reached a point however, where it’s been noticed.” Last … READ MORE

VMTurbo 5.0 – Managing Virtualization Constraints, Should You Keep Them?

by December 12th, 2014

In a previous post we discussed one of the latest capabilities in VMTurbo Release 5.0, enabling our users to understand various constraints in their environment. Let’s continue to explore how this capability helps with managing virtualization constraints and how they … READ MORE

More Hardware vs. Data Center Control

by December 11th, 2014

I’ve run into quite a few enterprises recently who are in the business of throwing hardware at problems, or were in the business of throwing hardware at issues and have since wised up and decided to look at the problem … READ MORE

Is Application Performance Monitoring Good Enough?

by December 10th, 2014

There are a lot of great solutions out there that do fantastic things to help improve application performance and quickly get to the root cause of application performance issues. Some of the great features typically available in APM tools are: … READ MORE

VMTurbo 5.0 – Managing Virtualization Constraints, What Is the Impact?

by December 5th, 2014

We’ve written several times about managing virtualization constraints and the different reasons we see customers add them to their environment. Whether it’s to assure a certain application gets the resources it needs or so that certain groups or customers get … READ MORE

vMotions – What Types of Tradeoffs are You Making Within Your Environment

by December 4th, 2014

Nearly every IT Operations group leverages the ability to move VMs among their compute nodes multiple times in a day.  Despite the differences in the naming convention (e.g. vMotion, live migration, XenMotion, etc.) we leverage this simple technique to fix performance … READ MORE

Will a Monitoring Tool Enable You with Automated Decisions…and Compliments?

by December 2nd, 2014

This was a comical story recounted to me by a recent customer. In case you don’t get the punchline and need a little background, the week prior, this customer, Bill, had downloaded and installed a copy of VMTurbo Operations Manager … READ MORE

VMTurbo 5.0 – Improved User Experience on Your Path to the Desired State

by November 26th, 2014

As we mentioned in an earlier post one of the key improvements in our latest release is an updated user experience and user interface (UI).  With VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.0 we’ve made it easier to seamlessly define the best views … READ MORE