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VMTurbo 5.0 – Improved User Experience on Your Path to the Desired State

by November 26th, 2014

As we mentioned in an earlier post one of the key improvements in our latest release is an updated user experience and user interface (UI).  With VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.0 we’ve made it easier to seamlessly define the best views … READ MORE

Virtualization Policies: Do you know what to look for?

by November 24th, 2014

Some time ago we discussed the effects of diversity and heterogeneity on network and storage management disciplines. With greater hardware diversity and rapid commoditization of the bottom of the supply chain, data center operators try to find common ways to provide reliable … READ MORE

Storage Latency: Is fast storage really faster?

by November 20th, 2014

I have an idea… Faster storage isn’t always faster. Before you disagree let me explain. There are a lot of different factors that go into the “speed” of your storage. The first thing you have to do is define speed. … READ MORE

Canon Achieves Datacenter Automation and Increases Virtualization by Over 60%

by November 19th, 2014

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, datacenter automation is the way of the future. That being said, we understand that it is a daunting step to take. One of our brave customers, and a leading provider of … READ MORE

OpenSky Webinar Excerpt – The Role of VMTurbo in Don McKeith’s Orchestration Framework

by November 18th, 2014

Hear how Don McKeith of OpenSky Corp. developed an enterprise orchestration framework for his Fortune 50 International Health Insurer Client – enabling the client to scale from 1,500 VDI seats to over 25,000 seats in less than four years. McKeith’s … READ MORE

Network Management: How Big Should Your Network Box Be?

by November 17th, 2014

A while back we discussed the dangers of working inside a box, when a particular management discipline (e.g network management) dominates other decisions and prevents you from solving the real problem of assuring application performance. It is not co-incidental that networking … READ MORE

VMTurbo Release 5.0 – Extending Control in the Software Defined Universe

by November 12th, 2014

Earlier this week we launched the most extensive release in VMTurbo’s history further enabling our customers to define and drive their environment toward the desired state, where application performance is assured while maximizing efficiency. As Shmuel Kliger, our founder and … READ MORE

Virtualized Applications: I am Talking to You!

by November 12th, 2014

In an earlier post we discussed some of the challenges in minimizing latencies between frequently communicating virtualized applications. On the one hand they need to stay closer to each other to avoid expensive trips over several hops of congested network devices. On the … READ MORE

The Bane of the Software-Defined Universe: Software-Defined Latency

by November 11th, 2014

The Bane of the Software-Defined Universe: Software-Defined Latency Software-defined storage. SDN. Private Cloud. Converged Infrastructure. Public Cloud. VDI. Hybrid Cloud. Containers. CloudOS. It seems that the entire universe is pivoting away from hardware to be defined in software. I’ve been … READ MORE

Continued Journey to the Private Cloud

by November 7th, 2014

In an earlier blog post I described some of the challenges we see data center operations teams try to overcome by setting up constraints in their private cloud environment. I also described how we can help you overcome these challenges … READ MORE