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Is there an optimal CPU utilization?

by July 30th, 2014

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a leading provider of travel services about optimal CPU utilization in their virtual infrastructure. Their environment of over 350 hosts and 2,000+ VMs, including multiple remote locations and a few centralized ones, is … READ MORE

Manage VM Sprawl with Showbacks 

by July 29th, 2014

Woah, that was fast. 80%+ virtualization levels hit us like bell-bottoms in the 60’s. In our conversations with operations teams, the dialogue is changing. It’s no longer about P2V migration. It’s about maintaining control as workloads multiply: How do I … READ MORE

Datacenter Energy Efficiency Infographic

by July 29th, 2014

Your refrigerator heralds its efficiency with a proud, blue Energy Star sticker. Your car either gets an EPA-rated 37 mpg, or runs on electricity entirely. We’re on the only spinning blue marble that we know about, so it’s no wonder that pursuant … READ MORE

VMworld 2014: Preparing the Hyperdrive

by July 28th, 2014

VMworld has always held a special place in VMTurbo’s collective virtual heart. Why? Well… For us, attending VMworld is sort of like going back to that Arby’s parking lot where you had your first kiss and seeing how nice the … READ MORE