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3 Ways VMTubo Customers Improve Their VDI Deployments

by October 31st, 2014

In our recent webinar, Dammions Darden, City of Garland Texas’ Senior System Engineer, shared how he leveraged VMTurbo to consolidate and automate workloads. With VMTurbo, Dammions was able to repurpose freed up hardware for a VDI deployment and development lab. The … READ MORE

Is firefighting your idea of datacenter management?

by October 29th, 2014

Would you rather your datacenter be healthy or broken? It seems like a stupid question right? Who in their right mind would want a broken datacenter? Nobody of course. Or maybe there are some people who don’t mind having a … READ MORE

VMTurbo @Tech Field Day VMworld Extra 2014

by October 24th, 2014

As VMworld 2014 came to a close in Barcelona, VMTurbo celebrated another successful trip including a presentation at Tech Field Day VMworld Extra, featuring a great panel of delegates. Some of the delegates were actually two-time attendees for VMTurbo at … READ MORE

Virtualization Monitoring vs. Control: How many speeding tickets do you have?

by October 24th, 2014

Oftentimes I find myself explaining how VMTurbo works. How we define a desired state and control the environment in that desired state. How we’re different than a traditional virtualization monitoring tool in that we don’t set thresholds and wait for … READ MORE