Aetna Increases VDI Capacity by 30-40% with VMTurbo – Insurance & Technology Article

by February 3rd, 2014

Aetna LogoInsurance & Technology featured an interesting use case (Aetna Turbocharges Virtual Desktop Initiative) of Aetna Insurance’s deployment of VDI to tens of thousands of customer-facing representatives. VMTurbo’s industry-leading Software-Driven Control plays a key role in Aetna’s success:

In the summer of 2012, an industry peer introduced Pawlak to VMTurbo (Burlington, Mass.), a tool for optimizing virtualized platforms, which Aetna added to the VDI redesign plan. “Ironically, my team had also found VMTurbo and brought a copy into our testing environment,” he says. “Anytime your engineers are already onboard with your desired direction, that’s a big win.”

Aetna’s Executive Director Alan Pawlak quantified their success, showing how they were able to not only improve capacity by upwards of 40%, but were able to support nearly 4x the users on the same infrastructure:

“Overall, we gained 30% to 40% improvement in hub capacity,” says Pawlak. “Our multi-vendor infrastructure redesign enabled us to go from 7,500 employees on the platform before the initiative to 27,000 today, while simultaneously achieving our performance, automation and ROI goals.”

But perhaps the best part of the story was that Aetna was able to create a virtual desktop infrastructure so efficient that they were able to keep everything in-house and avoid off-shoring outside of the US:

“We’ve developed an in-house platform that is competitive with external providers who offer hosted Desktop as a Service [DaaS],” says Pawlak. “We have a flexible and affordable environment — within our existing footprint — that enables us to meet rapidly-changing business needs.”

“And,” he continues, “we created the environment here, in the U.S., rather than offshoring it. We’re very proud of that.”

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