How to Get Promoted Faster in a Startup

by May 29th, 2014

Ever work a 9-5 in one of those big corporations where your boss and colleagues are so reluctant to share job knowledge and there’s always a lay off approaching? Me too, that’s when I decided to make the leap to a start-up. Joining VMTurbo was the best move I’ve made professionally. The culture is warm and friendly, like walking into the kitchen at a family party—we have plenty of food and drinks too!

So, after 5 years of working in a job where there wasn’t room for growth, I realized I wasn’t getting the guidance I was seeking to further my career. That’s when I decided it’s time to take charge and change industries. Within 4 months of joining VMTurbo, I was transitioning into a new role to help build out a training program we now call Turboversity. It has been a great challenge and the results are truly worth it. How did I get here? Working hard, talking to management about where I see myself in this company, how I can add value and completing goals I set for myself. Being able to reach out and ask for help as well as being open to new ideas will set you apart from the rest.

First of all, to work at a startup, you must come in with a positive attitude and be willing to take on responsibilities that weren’t included in the job description you read online. The more responsibilities you take on, the more you challenge yourself, the more value you’re adding to the company while sharpening your own skills. It is noticeable when a coworker is happy or upset so make sure you’re passionate about your career. Maybe you came to a startup because you wanted to change careers or maybe this is your first job. Either way, work ethic bears a tremendous weight when being evaluated for a promotion. Why is that, you ask? Well, maybe you don’t know the technology that well but that can be taught through training sessions (like Turboversity), work ethic on the other hand is part of who you are as a professional. Management will choose someone who might not know the product to its fullest extent over the person who comes in late, does the minimum requirements and leaves early.

Communication is another part of the job that is extremely important to keep open and consistent. Communication can make a relationship and a company fail or highly successful. I’ve learned that without communication, what do you have? VMTurbo’s CEO, Ben Nye believes that “transparency, performance and trust” is the key to being successful at what you do and how you run a business. We have weekly lunch meetings with the entire company (including our NY and UK office) to go through updates on the sales, engineering, HR and finance fronts. Providing this information, loops everyone in to what is going on and where the company is going. The same needs to be done on the individual level in regards to where you want to go on your career path. Anyone can have a job, they’re offered everywhere—a career is what people work so hard to find.

VMTurbo has offered all of its employees a promising career path; it’s up to you to decide if you can handle taking advantage of the opportunity.

Jillian Ferrante, Sales Enablement

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