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VMTurbo Operations Manager for Vblock Systems

VMTurbo Operations Manager for Vblock systems is an intelligent workload management solution enabling Vblock Customers to optimize service performance and improve utilization in virtual environments, and Vblock Resellers to streamline deployment of Vblock systems and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Vblock Customers

VCE’s Vblock converged infrastructure system is an appealing alternative to traditional, do-it-yourself approaches to deploying virtualized and cloud infrastructures, helping you achieve greater economic, operational and time-to-market benefits.

Similarly, VMTurbo’s IT operations management solution for virtualized and cloud environments, including those running on VCE Vblock systems, is an appealing alternative to traditional operations management offerings that collect thousands of data points, trigger alerts based on perceived anomalies, and leave IT operators with the difficult task of figuring out what to do to return the system to acceptable performance.

VMTurbo Operations Manager identifies the necessary actions to control the environment in a state where virtual workloads get the resources they require to meet business goals while maximizing Vblock network, storage and compute resource capacity. By automating actions that avoid resource contention and service degradation, VMTurbo Operations Manager not only assures the Quality of Service of application workloads, it changes the economics of managing virtualized environments by reducing operational costs and maximizing utilization of the Vblock physical infrastructure.

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Vblock Resellers

Deploying Vblock systems with VMTurbo’s Vblock Ready solution helps resellers accelerate implementations.  Using Operations Manager takes the risk out of Vblock planning and design, allowing you to correctly size the configuration to deliver desired service levels while using resources most efficiently. Its planning feature allows you to simulate what-if scenarios, and compare and contrast design options and environmental constraints that could impact recommendations.

Ongoing automated tuning of your Vblock environment prevents post-implementation fire drills and the need to place staff at the customer site to address chronic implementation issues. Operations Manager continuously adjusts configurations and workload placement to maintain a fully optimized Vblock environment. Planning capabilities in Operations Manager also allows you to understand the impact of new workloads, policy changes, adjustments to technical and business constraints, Vblock hardware refresh, and more—before actually making changes.

Using Operations Manager to plan for and continuously control Vblock implementations provides agility in deployments, reduces costs, and removes the guesswork in recommendations that could impact customer satisfaction with Vblock systems.

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