VMTurbo Operations Manager and NetApp Storage Efficiency Systems

With its Storage Control Module, VMTurbo Operations Manager allows NetApp customers to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of scaling out virtualized data centers, and NetApp resellers to streamline deployment of NetApp storage supporting virtual workloads and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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VMTurbo Operations Manager dynamically and automatically adjusts configuration, resource allocation and workload placement to meet performance demands while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible, allowing you to:

  • Reduce ongoing storage costs by 20-30% by optimizing workload placement
  • Reduce operational costs of problem and incident management by eliminating complex problems with disk space and IO performance contention
  • Assure application performance and reduce risk by minimizing the contention for disk space and IO capacity
  • Enable more IO-intensive applications to be virtualized reliably, bringing down the overall cost to deliver compute services to the business and customers

NetApp Customers

Organizations operating NetApp FAS systems or NetApp V-Series Open Storage Controller running Data ONTAP can benefit from VMTurbo Operations Manager Storage Extension to address a few issues typical with storage supporting virtual workloads:

  • Understanding the relationship between virtualized workloads and associated storage since virtualization masks visibility into the storage infrastructure
  • Ensuring storage IO performance to virtualized workloads in a shared resource environment
  • Eliminating over-provisioning since efficiency features such as thin provisioning, deduplication and compression, and RAID configurations and snapshot reservations make it difficult to determine the net capacity of storage

With VMTurbo Operations Manager and its add-on Storage Extension, you can:

  • Automatically map end-to-end relationships from virtual machines to the underlying storage construct, such as volume, aggregate, physical disk and filer head/controller
  • Understand IOPS, disk space capacity and consumption, and controller CPU usage
  • Optimize workload performance and efficiency of the NetApp storage infrastructure through a broad set of decisions, including resource allocation, workload placement and sizing of volumes, aggregates and filers
  • Examine thin provisioning in both the virtualization and storage domains, to minimize the risk of application outages when allocating disk space
  • Analyze disk space allocated for snapshots to prevent snapshot overruns which would otherwise introduce the risk of application outages
  • Minimize storage latency via resource allocation decisions that consider the impact of CPU intensive operations on filers such as deduplication, compression and scrubbing

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NetApp Resellers

Deploying NetApp FAS and V-Series systems with VMTurbo’s solution helps resellers accelerate implementations.  Using Operations Manager takes the risk out of planning and design, allowing you to correctly size the configuration to deliver desired service levels while using resources most efficiently. Operations Manager’s planning feature allows you to simulate “what if” scenarios, and compare and contrast design options and environmental constraints that could impact recommendations.

Ongoing automated tuning of the NetApp storage environment prevents post-implementation fire drills and the need to place staff at the customer site to address chronic implementation issues. Operations Manager continuously adjusts configurations and workload placement to maintain a fully optimized environment. Planning capabilities in Operations Manager also allows you to understand the impact of new workloads, policy changes, adjustments to technical and business constraints, hardware refresh, and more—before actually making changes.

Using Operations Manager to plan for and continuously control implementations supported by NetApp storage provides agility in deployments, reduces costs, and removes the guesswork in recommendations that could impact customer satisfaction with NetApp storage.

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