VMTurbo Delivers Comprehensive Control to the Virtual Data Center IT Stack

New release addresses the complexity and interdependencies of the virtualization stack by providing new modules for additional layers, including storage and hybrid clouds

Burlington, Mass. – June 11, 2013 – VMTurbo, the leading provider of software-defined control for cloud and virtualized environments, today announced the availability of Operations Manager 4.0. Its architecture consists of an extensible framework that includes VMTurbo’s patented analytic engine, with a number of plug-in modules. VMTurbo’s extensible platform enables control across all layers of the complex and interdependent IT stack, with the latest revision’s modules for storage and hybrid clouds.

“Server virtualization is forcing a transformation of data center management beyond the ad-hoc fragmentation and limitations of current systems,” said Paul Burns, president of Neovise. “When it comes to managing today’s virtualized workloads, what’s needed is coordinated control of the whole stack supporting virtualized applications, including automatic determination of the right mix of resources needed to meet workload requirements and business objectives, while operating for maximum ROI.”

Current technology teams, operational processes and management tools are typically partitioned along technology boundaries, often leading to fragmentation of processes, as well as decision-making that does not take the entire environment and all the constraints and interdependencies that exist within the environment into account. VMTurbo offers a modular architecture that enables increased visibility and holistic control of the infrastructure operations.

Optimizing Storage and Hybrid Cloud Environments

VMTurbo Operations Manager addresses the basic virtualized compute, storage, and converged fabric resources out of the box, and supports multiple hypervisors from a single instance. New extensions for storage and hybrid clouds now enable even greater control.

  • Storage Extension – By extending control actions to the back-end of datastores via its storage resource controller, Operations Manager achieves more granular instrumentation to support better decision-making and control of storage and workloads.
  • Hybrid Cloud Extension – Provides specific guidance regarding the “what, when and where” of running workloads in private, public, or combined cloud infrastructures, maximizing ROI of in-house resources while optimizing performance of virtual workloads.

“To maintain the health of the infrastructure, it’s imperative to understand the topological relationships and dependencies that are required to effectively drive intelligent decisions and actions within the IT environment spanning public and private clouds,” said Shmuel Kliger, founder and CTO of VMTurbo. “VMTurbo’s foundational framework and policy engine combined with component extensions address the IT stack above and below the virtualization layer, driving resource allocation and workload placement decisions that optimize efficiency and assure performance of virtualized workloads.”

Additional Enhancements

  • Storage Tiering Support – Operations Manager discovers storage policies and limits recommendations accordingly. For example, if a virtual machine uses storage that is within a storage cluster, all recommended actions are constrained by its cluster.
  • High Availability Support – Operations Manager recognizes and respects dedicated- and shared-failover vSphere HA configurations in the HA cluster. This makes Operations Manager more accurate in resource allocation and workload placement decision-making.
  • Enhanced Multi-Tenancy – Operations Manager offers more flexibility for service providers to manage views and/or metrics within views that are shared with subscribers.
  • Workload Health View – The Workload View gives a unique perspective on the distribution of workloads throughout the virtual estate. It provides an at-a-glance view regarding how workloads are utilized, and how these virtual machines utilize their underlying host and storage resources.
  • Dashboard Export to PDF – Enhanced reporting via the export of dashboard displays to portable PDF format.

View infographic on server virtualization’s impact on storage

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About VMTurbo Operations Manager

VMTurbo Operations Manager is the only solution on the market that understands application performance, resource utilization and capacity constraints in a virtualized data center, and is able to automatically adjust allocation to ensure service based on priority. Since its initial release, more than 9,000 cloud service providers and enterprises worldwide have deployed the VMTurbo Software-Defined Control platform to gain greater control and prevent performance issues across their virtual infrastructure. To download VMTurbo Operations Manager, visit http://vmturbo.com/downloads/operations-manager-30-day-trial/.

About VMTurbo

VMTurbo delivers a Software-Defined Control platform for cloud and virtualized environments. The company’s proprietary solutions, including VMTurbo Operations Manager, utilize its Economic Scheduling Engine to dynamically adjust configuration, resource allocation and workload placement to meet service levels and business goals. It is the only technology on the market capable of closing the loop in IT operation by automating the decision-making process to maintain the environment in the desired state. The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010 and since that time more than 9,000 cloud service providers and enterprises worldwide have deployed the platform, including British Telecom, Colgate, CSC and the London School of Economics. Using VMTurbo, our customers ensure that applications get the resources they need to operate reliably, while utilizing infrastructure and human resources in the most efficient way.