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VMTurbo Product Overview

Full Stack Virtualization Management & Automation Software

This is your vCenter 48 hours after downloading VMTurbo Operations Manager:

vCenter dashboard after deploying VMTurbo's Virtualization Management Software

Looks like a slice of Nirvana, doesn’t it?

VMTurbo isn’t another monitoring tool to stress you out. It’s a control system for complex, dynamic virtual environments.

VMTurbo understands the inter-dependencies of resource management decisions: placement, sizing, and capacity. Rather than inundate you with alerts, VMTurbo’s virtualization management software makes decisions to drive your environment to its optimal state, where workloads are performant and infrastructure is utilized as efficiently as possible.

How does it deploy?

VMTurbo is a self-contained virtual instance that downloads and deploys in 15 minutes, and begins optimizing your environment within the first hour. We grab constraints from vCenter, SCOM, VCD, etc. No configuration necessary.

Out of the box it requires 4 vCPUs, 16 GB vRAM, and 32 GB of storage. Under this configuration, VMTurbo scales to 10,000 virtual machines and holds 2 years of data. Have a smaller environment? VMTurbo automatically downsizes itself to match the demand of your environment.

We’re much more than monitoring (and we give monitoring away for free if that’s all you want)

Editions graphic final Aug2014

Proactively assure performance in complex environments

There’s no reason to wait until a threshold is crossed, an alert is triggered, or a help desk ticket is logged. Our customers tell us there are too many bushfires to address them all. Let VMTurbo extinguish bushfires and eliminate forest fires in your environment.

Don’t throw hardware at the problem:

On average our customers improve density by over 20%. Most use those excess servers for HA.

VMTurbo’s virtualization management software eliminates all uncertainty about what infrastructure is needed to run workloads today, or in the future. Optimal sizing and placement can get far more out of your existing environment than you’ve ever imagined. And when you do need more hardware, VMTurbo provides you the analytics and reports to justify the purchase.

Double down on IT agility:

VMTurbo’s datacenter simulation capability allows you to plan for anything.

  • Want to merge two 8 host clusters into a 16 host cluster? VMTurbo will show you utilization rates and recommend placements for each workload on the backend.
  • Want to let your workloads migrate between clusters? Try VMTurbo’s supercluster capability.
  • Considering shifting to different hardware? VMTurbo will show you how your existing workloads will run in the shiny new rack.
  • Adding instances? VMTurbo recommends the correct placement based on existing workloads in your environment. Know how much hardware you’ll need.
  • Need that new host? Maybe a memory upgrade will suffice. VMTurbo simulates each scenario allow you to compare the tradeoffs.
  • Plan and simulate VDI rollouts, DR failover, and host failures.

How does it work?

VMTurbo is a virtual appliance that installs in 15 minutes, maps your environment to provide actionable recommendations in an hour, and will measurably improve it the first day. Guaranteed.

No, really – GUARANTEED. Wait, how can we guarantee this?

Because VMTurbo takes a completely different approach to virtualization management: Rather than drowning you with more and more data, faster and faster – leaving you struggling to drive your data center to its Nirvana – VMTurbo takes that data and lets your workloads and infrastructure work it out.

With VMTurbo, your data center is a perfect market. Workload and infrastructure are  rational economic actors. VMTurbo abstracts each aspect of your environment – workload (applications, VMs), compute, storage, fabric, etc – into a common data model to provide those entities real-time information to price their resources based on efficient supply and demand. The invisible hand of the market takes care of the rest.

Perfectly rational actors armed with real-time information – enabling your environment to manage itself – the recipe for data center Nirvana.