VMTurbo Product Overview

Control for Virtual & Cloud Environments

  • Operations Manager is the foundation of VMTurbo’s unified control platform providing a software-driven approach to assuring application workload performance while maximizing efficiency of the underlying infrastructure.
  • Control Modules extend Operations Manager from the hypervisor into all layers of the stack including storage, converged fabric, network, cloud, VDI and applications to drive tighter control of the desired state.
  • Virtual Health Monitor is a free and unlimited virtualization monitoring and reporting solution. It enables comprehensive real-time visibility from VM to Storage.

VMTurbo Controls the Chaos of the Software Defined Universe

What is VMTurbo?

VMTurbo is a control system for complex, dynamic virtual environments.

VMTurbo understands the inter-dependencies of resource management decisions: placement, sizing, and capacity. Rather than inundate you with alerts, VMTurbo’s makes decisions to drive your environment to its optimal state, where workloads are performant and infrastructure is utilized as efficiently as possible.

Easy & Fast Deployment

VMTurbo is an agentless virtual appliance that downloads and deploys in 30 minutes. It connects to vCenter, Hyper-V, XenServer, or RHEV-M and provides actionable recommendations in an hour.

Out of the box it requires 4 vCPUs, 16 GB vRAM, and 80 GB of storage. Under this configuration, VMTurbo scales to 10,000 virtual machines and holds 2 years of data. Have a smaller environment? VMTurbo automatically downsizes itself to match the demand of your environment.

Proactively assure performance in complex environments

There’s no reason to wait until a threshold is crossed, an alert is triggered, or a help desk ticket is logged. Our customers tell us there are too many bushfires to address them all. Let VMTurbo extinguish bushfires and eliminate forest fires in your environment.

Eliminate Uncertainty & Improve Efficiency

87% of our customers improve density by over 20%, effectively doubling their headroom.

VMTurbo eliminates all uncertainty about what infrastructure is needed to run workloads today, or in the future. Optimal sizing and placement can get far more out of your existing environment than you’ve ever imagined. And when you do need more hardware, VMTurbo provides you the analytics and reports to justify the purchase.

Double down on IT agility

VMTurbo’s datacenter simulation capability allows you to plan for anything.

  • Want to merge two 8 host clusters into a 16 host cluster? VMTurbo will show you utilization rates and recommend placements for each workload on the backend.
  • Want to let your workloads migrate between clusters? Try VMTurbo’s supercluster capability.
  • Considering shifting to different hardware? VMTurbo will show you how your existing workloads will run in the shiny new rack.
  • Adding instances? VMTurbo recommends the correct placement based on existing workloads in your environment. Know how much hardware you’ll need.
  • Need that new host? Maybe a memory upgrade will suffice. VMTurbo simulates each scenario allow you to compare the tradeoffs.
  • Plan and simulate VDI rollouts, DR failover, and host failures.

How does it work?

VMTurbo models your datacenter as a market – an economic market.

VMs are buyers of resources – memory, compute, latency, IO, ready queue, etc. They shop for the host and the datastore that can provide the basket of goods they need to perform at the lowest price.

On the flip side, hosts and datastores are sellers of resources. As their resources become more utilized, they raise their prices exponentially. This means highly utilized hosts and datastores are more expensive for their VMs.

This economic abstraction allows us VMTurbo to solve a giant optimization problem of which VMs to run on which hosts and datastores.