VMTurbo Products for Virtual Environments

Control for Virtual & Cloud Environments

Why VMTurbo?

Today’s virtual environments are complex beyond human scale.

Face it. Today’s virtual environments have reached a new level of complexity and scale. You’re either drudging through dashboards and reports to figure out the fix for one alert or another—or, you’ve thrown money at the problem and you’re over-provisioned.

VMTurbo is the only solution that processes the infinitely complex interdependencies of resource management decisions for you.

It analyzes all placement, sizing, and capacity possibilities across your virtual environment. It then determines what decisions will drive your environment to its desired state—assuring application performance while maximizing the utilization of the environment.
Let the software do the work; you can start solving real problems.

The Products

Operations Manager

The foundation of VMTurbo’s unified control platform. It is the demand-driven approach to assuring application workload performance while maximizing utilization in the underlying infrastructure.

Control Modules

These modules drive tighter control of the desired state trough a better understanding of demand and control over compute, storage network and cloud resource supply. They extend Operations Manager from the hypervisor into all layers of the stack.

Get Operations Manager.

Demand-Driven Control for Your Virtual Environment.


Proactively assure performance in complex virtual environments

VMTurbo leverages economic principles of supply and demand in the virtual environment. Acting as the “Invisible Hand” for your data center, it aligns workloads with resources to assure application performance 24×7 while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

VMTurbo prevents issues from happening in the first place, avoiding potential disruptions to your applications and users. There’s no reason to wait until a threshold is crossed, an alert is triggered, or a help desk ticket is logged. This enables operations teams to focus on their projects, not their monitoring tools.

Eliminate Uncertainty & Improve Efficiency

87% of our customers improve density by over 20%, effectively doubling their headroom. This improvement comes from intelligent, dynamic placements of workloads, which enables your organization to safely run hotter.

VMTurbo eliminates all uncertainty about what infrastructure is needed to run workloads today, or in the future. Optimal sizing and placement can get far more out of your existing environment than you’ve ever imagined. And when you do need more hardware, VMTurbo provides you the analytics and reports to justify the purchase.

VMTurbo reduces trouble tickets by up to 80%. VMTurbo preventatively makes resource allocation decisions to keep your environment healthy – which means end users don’t complain.

Double down on IT agility

Be ready for anything the business throws at you, and adapt in record time. We help our customers realize their most complicated virtualization initiatives.

  • Self-provisioning: VMTurbo Operations Manager complements existing self-service orchestration solutions such as OpenStack SCOrch, vRealize Automation (vCAC), and Chef, to provide intelligent initial placement and automated deployment after initial approvals are met. Specifically, organizations can integrate VMTurbo at the provisioning step of their CLM process to analyze risks across a broad set of resources and identify the best placement on storage and compute.
  • Cloud Bursting: VMTurbo supports a broad range of hypervisors and cloud platforms across private, public, and hybrid clouds. VMTurbo’s Hybrid Cloud Module will automatically move workloads to the cloud, if you can’t meet their demand with local compute or storage resources.
  • HA/DR: VMTurbo complements existing HA/DR solutions by validating compliance, and supporting workload performance in the event of failure/DR. VMTurbo can also be set up for active/active management, to have a secondary instance controlling DR recovery sites in the event of outage.
  • Cluster Consolidation: We can also help you consolidate clusters or data centers through our advanced planning tools.
  • VDI, Converged Fabric, Private & Hybrid Cloud, SDN, Containers: Yes, that too.

Easy & Fast Deployment

VMTurbo is an agentless virtual appliance that downloads and deploys in 30 minutes. It connects to vCenter, Hyper-V, XenServer, or RHEV-M and provides actionable recommendations in an hour.
Out of the box it requires 4 vCPUs, 16 GB vRAM, and 80 GB of storage. Under this configuration, VMTurbo scales to 10,000 virtual machines and holds 2 years of data. Have a smaller environment? VMTurbo automatically downsizes itself to match the demand of your environment.

Get Operations Manager.

Demand-Driven Control for Your Virtual Environment.