Fabric Control Module

VMTurbo's Converged Fabric Network Management Extension

Fabric Control Module extends VMTurbo’s award winning unified control platform into Cisco UCS.

  • Map end-to-end relationships between VMs, blade servers, chassis, domains, I/O modules, and fabric interconnects
  • Only solution in the world that can optimize number of ports needed to service VM bandwidth demand and minimize licensing costs
  • Bridge infrastructure silos and align storage, network, and server teams
  • Assure performance of workloads by aligning compute and network resources with workload demand in real-time

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Most customers improve utilization by 20%+

Fabric Control Module maximizes the value of ongoing fabric investments by aligning provisioned compute and network capacity through the system with workload demand

  • Identify over-provisioned Cisco UCS ports and reduce licensing cost
  • Automatically resize VMs based on demand to reduce bandwidth contention
  • Improve UCS utilization, customers see at least 20% improvement in utilization and as high as 60%
  • Significantly reduce UCS performance issues, most customers see a reduction of at least 20% in performance issues some see over 60%



Simplify UCS Management

Accurately maps the end-to-end relationships, capacity and utilization including workloads, domains, chassis, blade servers, I/O modules (Fabric Extenders) and Fabric Interconnects

  • Gain visibility from application workload demands, to VM and underlying storage and fabric resources
  • Assure workload performance by ensuring they have the compute and network resources to meet their demands
  • Easily identify issues in real-time and address through automated actions
  • Understands the power and cooling (temperature) needs of the fabric chassis, and when additional chassis may be required based on resulting workload demand

Connects to UCS Manager

Fabric Control Module gives Operations Manager visibility and control hooks into your cloud platform’s resource silos, including capacity and utilization by silo, as well as performance of VMs within a silo.

  • Understand demand through Northbound Ports & Port Channels
  • Understand demand through Southbound Ports & Port Channels
  • Take actions based on Port Throughput
  • Control the backbone of VCE vBlock and NetApp FlexPod converged infrastructure


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Typically Deploys in 30 Minutes

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Extend into your stack with our control modules

Operations Manager controls workloads at the hypervisor level. VMTurbo can also extend control to your storage, network, applications, private cloud platforms or public clouds through Control Modules, which further drive you to a desired state where performances is assured while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

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