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No alerts. No worries. Without a single click…

Sound like Nirvana? Well, believe it or not Nirvana has arrived. VMTurbo Operations Manager.

Our operations management software isn’t another monitor to stress you out. It’s completely different.

Operations Manager is a control system that continuously and automatically optimizes virtual environments to make workloads performant and hardware highly utilized. The system continuously analyzes real-time performance metrics, capacity, system constraints and service level priorities to determine and implement resource configurations and workload placement.

VMTurbo’s operations management software maintains the data center in a healthy state rather than alerting when anomalies occur. IT operators are freed from the reactive, firefighting mode that encompasses most organizations; architects and planners are able to effectively plan for new virtual applications, additional users, and hardware upgrades.


Customers use VMTurbo to:

  • Ensure workload performance with automated service assurance
  • Safely virtualize business critical applications. VMTurbo ensures priority applications have the resources they need, when they need them to perform reliably without over provisioning underlying capacity
  • Plan for growth – whether it’s adding new apps, upgrading hardware, consolidating datacenters, deploying and testing HA/DR, or planning for a VDI rollout
  • Reduce administration time by offloading daily care & feeding to software
  • Drive higher levels of infrastructure utilization without introducing performance risk or operational overhead

90% of VMTurbo customers see a return on their investment within 90 days. Yup, you read that right – 90 days. And if you turn on automation, VMTurbo will help you banish alerts without a single click.

No Alerts. No Clicks. No Worries. Welcome to Nirvana… VMTurbo style.

Key Benefits

  • Stop firefighting, assure workload performance
  • Get your life back, focus on what matters
  • Pays for itself in 90 days, guaranteed
  • Be ready for anything, future-proof your virtual data center


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VMTurbo Operations Manager Workload Dashboard View

Workload Summary

VMTurbo Operation Manager supply chain dashboard

Supply Chain

VMTurbo Operations Manager overview datacenter health dashboard


What Customers Say

Nick Casagrande

Nick Casagrande

IT Director for Southern Waste Systems

There’s no one else that does what VMTurbo does. It’s simple to install, it’s fully automated and it’s ready to go out of the box to give recommendations in less than 5 minutes


of companies say VMTurbo has the fastest time to value

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