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VMTurbo Operations Manager is a Demand-Driven Control platform that handles the scale and complexity of today’s virtual and cloud environments for you. Traditional virtualization management solutions leave it to you to drudge through dashboards, alerts, and reports. But you’re a problem solver, not a data processor.

VMTurbo models the data center after an economic market—workload (applications, VMs, containers) are “buyers” and compute, storage, fabric, etc. are “sellers.” These entities simply follow the Supply and Demand principles of economics to work out placement, sizing, and stop/start decisions among themselves.

Think of VMTurbo as the “Invisible Hand” for your data center. It drives the healthiest, most efficient data center possible. And it does so continuously, in real time, with no configuration. Which means you aren’t dealing with alerts—it just works.

“VMTurbo is smarter than anything we’ve used before. It sees problems coming and acts accordingly. We no longer have to waste time fighting fires in our virtual environment.”Bart van Es, Technical Services Specialist at Quintiq

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Get Operations Manager.

Demand-Driven Control for Your Virtual Environment.

Assure Application Performance

Stop the Break-Fix IT cycle.

VMTurbo’s Operations Management Software continuously assures application performance by orchestrating workloads in the environment based on real-time application and VM demand, resource availability, and business continuity constraints.

No more waiting for things to break. The platform pro-actively aligns resources, avoiding any degradation in performance. No. More. Alerts.

Within one hour of deployment, VMTurbo will identify performance issues in your environment and provide the specific actions to remedy the issues. It then continuously evaluates the changing demands of your applications against infrastructure availability to deliver and maintain the Desired State in your virtual environment.

Stop the Break-Fix IT cycle
Embrace the Power of Intelligent Workload Management

Embrace the Power of Intelligent Workload Management

VMTurbo’s Intelligent Workload Management will recommend placement, sizing, and start/stop actions across hosts, clusters, and datastores to prevent queuing, latency, and ballooning. They can be executed manually, automated on a schedule, or automated 24/7.

No Adverse Ripple Effects: VMTurbo understands the impact of actions before they are executed to avoid introducing new bottlenecks.

Workload Multiplexing: The platform identifies workloads with coincident load spikes and place them on separate physical hosts or datastores to prevent contention and enable high VM density.

Workload Tiering: You can classify VMs as Gold, Silver, or Bronze. If resources are constrained, bronze VMs are throttled and gold VMs are prioritized to assure mission critical performance.

Assure Performance Across Private Cloud Partitions

Operations Manager integrates with VMware vCloud Director (vCloud Suite), OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, and Microsoft System Center.

  • Manage resource partitions in real-time as demand fluctuates (resource pools, virtual data centers (VDCs), or tenants)
  • Enjoy hierarchy-aware visualization & reporting aggregating all underlying VMs and nested pools, including charge-back and show-back
  • Accurately plan infrastructure capacity for new customers, and non-disruptively deploy new VMs with the workload reservation and deployment wizard

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Get Operations Manager.

Demand-Driven Control for Your Virtual Environment.

Reduce CapEx

Maximize Infrastructure Utilization

On average, VMTurbo customers increase VM density by 20-40% without risking degradation in their environment.

A traditional approach to managing contention is “Shared Peak Provisioning”: resources are allocated based simply on the sum of the peak application demands. This approach leads to dramatic over provisioning of resources, even on a virtualized infrastructure.

VMTurbo’s Operations Management sorlution effectively multiplexes workloads based on average and peak utilization. It continuously assesses business priority, real-time resource needs, and dynamic placement opportunities. By understanding real-time demand and meeting it with infrastructure supply it enables you to run on the smallest footprint possible while assuring performance.

Reduce CapEx
Reduce Licensing Costs & Compliance Risks

Reduce Licensing Costs & Compliance Risks

Whether you’re licensing per dive, per processor or have a “data center class” license will help you minimize those costs. In fact, VMTurbo customers have reduced infrastructure & licensing costs by 40-70%.

Operations Manager’s intelligent VM placement approach minimizes host licensing requirements and maximizes density. Fewer processors/hosts are required to run applications without having to sacrifice performance. In addition, our purpose built Policy Engine capability enables dynamic group creation (e.g. all hosts with 8 vCPUs, all SQL VMs) and rule assignment, which ensures VMs only run on those hosts that have been licensed.

Maximize OpEx Returns

Get Your Team Focused on More Important Things

Because Operations Manager drives your environment to its Desired State and keeps it there—you don’t have to. No more alerts. No more false positives. Just control. Really.

(We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in…)

When you have control of your environment you can plan the projects that make a difference.

Maximize OpEx Returns
Plan for Capacity Success (Not Surprises)

Plan for Capacity Success (Not Surprises)

Operations Manager uses real-time information from your VMs and hardware to simulate the changes you need to plan.

It can answer any “what if” question such as: How much hardware? What kind of hardware? When will you need it? With VMTurbo you can develop before-and-after pictures of potential sizing, capacity and placement strategies for your data center.

Whether it’s a new application, a new business continuity policy, or a new datacenter project, you can plan without ‘expecting the unexpected.’

Guarantee QoS

VMTurbo allows your engineering team to guarantee QoS and incorporate all business constraints, while never overspending on hardware.

  • Automatically prioritize mission critical applications if environment resources become constrained
  • Assure N + m high availability at all times, even in dynamic environments
  • Incorporate growth and HA together before the environment is out of compliance
  • Test fault tolerance such as host failure, or a DR event with detailed workload placement and resource configuration decisions
  • Automatically manage the DR environment in the event of a disaster
Guarantee QoS
Deploy and Reserve New Workloads without Disrupting Existing Apps

Deploy & Reserve New Workloads Without Disrupting Existing Apps

Determine the best place to deploy new application workloads based on their projected demand and existing application workload demand within clusters.

Workload reservations: Reserve space in the infrastructure for upcoming application deployments; be alerted if infrastructure can no longer support the anticipated load; upon deployment, identify on which targets (clusters, hosts, and datastores) each new VM should be deployed.

Self-service provisioning: Integrates with cloud management platforms including vRealize Automation, OpenStack, CloudStack, System Center Orchestrator and VMM to place new VMs directly in the right cluster, datastore, and host depending on the anticipated load, so that existing workloads are not impacted. New VMs can be based on custom or pre-defined templates.

Get Operations Manager.

Demand-Driven Control for Your Virtual Environment.

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