Operations Manager

Award Winning Control for Virtual & Cloud Environments

Operations Manager is the foundation of VMTurbo’s unified Demand-Driven Control platform. Engineering and operations teams use it for capacity planning, workload reservation & deployment, and run-time performance assurance and efficiency.

  • Continuously assure workload performance by preventatively realigning resources, before degradations occur
  • Maximize infrastructure utilization with performance-driven capacity management & planning
  • Reserve & deploy new workloads without disrupting existing apps
  • Agentless, self-contained virtual instance typically deploys in 30 minutes, regardless of scale

Operations Manager Overview

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Deep Tech, Real Value

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Real-Time Performance Assurance

Operations Manager orchestrates workloads in the environment based on real-time VM demand, resource availability, and business continuity constraints. Within one hour of deployment, VMTurbo will identify performance issues in your environment and provide specific actions to remedy the issues. Show More >>

Operations Management Performance Recommendations

Performance Recommendations (click image for larger view)

Operations Management Efficiency Recommendations

Efficiency Recommendations (click image for larger view)

Run As Efficiently As Possible

Real-time performance-based capacity analysis ensures planning scenarios map one-to-one with current and future operations. On average, VMTurbo customers increase VM density by 20-40% through software-driven real-time workload sizing and placement. Show More >>

Incredible Dashboards & Reporting Ability

VMTurbo provides one-click sharing of dashboards and reports to provide information to internal and external stakeholders such as application owners, storage team, and business executives. Show More >>

Deep dive into VM righsize recommendation

VM Drill Down (click image for larger view)

Operations Management Workload Reservations & Deployment

Workload Reservations (click image for larger view)

New Workload Reservations & Deployment

Determine the best place to deploy new application workloads based on their projected demand and existing application workload demand within clusters. Show More >>

Capacity Planning & Business Continuity

VMTurbo’s capacity planning and datacenter simulation suite can answer any “what if” question. How much hardware, what kind of hardware, and when you’ll need it, whether it’s a new application, and new business continuity policy, or a new datacenter project.Show More >>

Simulate n-1 host failure

Simulation of Load under Host Failure


Accommodates flexible resource allocation models

Assure Performance Across Private Cloud Partitions

Extended control into private cloud management platforms including VMware vCloud Director (vCloud Suite), OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, and Microsoft System Center VMMto to manage cloud resource partitions. Show More >>

Typically Deploys in 30 Minutes


Dead Easy, Agentless Deployment

VMTurbo is a VM that sits within the environment, and can then see and act upon (if allowed to do so) any virtual or cloud environment it’s pointed to. After the 500MB OVF download, you need to deploy the image through your vCenter. (If you’re using different hypervisor, you can pick the appropriate image for Hyper-V, Xen or RHEV.) The appliance will get an IP from your DHCP server (optionally, you can assign static IP). You can find the assigned IP in vCenter’s VM Summary view, or in the login banner for the appliance console. Navigate to the IP in a web browser and login with:

  • user: administrator
  • password: administrator

The setup wizard will guide you through connecting the appliance to vCenter, VMM, or other platforms. A detailed user guide is also available from within the interface.


  • Installs as a virtual appliance, that can be accessed from any browser that supports Adobe Flash
  • 16 GB memory; 4 vCPUs; 80 GB disk storage (80 GB storage + 16 GB swap space to match RAM)
  • Hypervisors/Management supported: VMware® vCenter versions 3.5, 4, 5.x or 6.x running with ESX(i) 3.x, 4.x, 5.x or 6.x; Citrix® XenServer 5.6, 6.x; Microsoft® Hyper-V version bundled with Windows 2008R2 or 2012R2; and Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) versions 3.x

A single instance of VMTurbo will manage 8,000 – 10,000 VMs. Larger environments should deploy multiple instances, which are aggregated together. In smaller environments, VMTurbo will automatically rightsize itself and giveback unneeded resources.

1,000 datacenters and counting…


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Extend into your stack with our control modules

Operations Manager controls workloads at the hypervisor level. VMTurbo can also extend control to your storage, network, applications, private cloud platforms or public clouds through Control Modules, which further drive you to a desired state where performances is assured while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

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