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Storage Resource Management: Storage Control Module

The Storage Control Module extends Operations Manager to provide control and visibility of the underlying storage infrastructure. With the storage resource management software, VMTurbo automatically corrects and prevents performance issues that stem from storage contention and bottlenecks. The Storage Control Module supports:

  • NetApp including advanced storage features and packages such as NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP (cluster mode) and FlexPod
  • EMC VNX Series Arrays and related Vblocks

With the Storage Control Module, customers are able to drive significantly higher levels of utilization in the storage infrastructure while lowering operational costs caused by storage problems and incidents. With the Storage Control Module, VMTurbo will:

  • Automatically map end-to-end relationships from VMs to underlying storage – Volumes/LUNs, Aggregates/Storage Pools, physical disks/spindles and storage controllers/processors.
  • Optimize the efficiency and health of the hypervisor and underlying storage infrastructure through a broad set of resource allocation decisions including intelligent workload placement, movement and sizing of volumes/LUNs, and aggregates/storage pools.
  • Understand and account for thin provisioning across both virtualization and storage domains, driving higher storage utilization while minimizing operational storage risks and problems.
  • Manage storage performance for both physical and virtual workloads connected to the same datastore.


Key Benefits

  • Map end-to-end relationships from VMs to the underlying storage
  • Minimize storage latency via intelligent resource allocation
  • Manage storage performance and space risks
  • Virtualize I/O intensive applications reliably
  • Optimize efficiency of the hypervisor and underlying storage infrastructure
  • If you use Flexpod, see our Flexpod Management video here


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VMTurbo Storage Control Module storage supply chain dashboard

Supply Chain

VMTurbo Storage Control Module Storage Inventory Dashboard


What Customers Say

Virtualization Architect

Virtualization Architect

Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

I use a FlexPod infrastructure so having insight into the NetApp physical storage at the same time as the VMware host perfstats is invaluable to my team. I spent almost 80% less time thinking and searching for problems. Now we look at dashboards, focus and plan for solutions.

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