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Our free performance and virtualization monitoring tool for VMware, Hyper-V, RHEV, and XenServer environments

Virtual Health Monitor is a free and unlimited virtualization monitoring and reporting tool.

  • Monitor Storage, Compute, & Network performance in single pane of glass
  • Comprehensive monitoring of heterogeneous environments: VMware, Hyper-v, RHEV, Xen
  • Efficiency recommendations to minimize VM sprawl and maximize resources
  • Flexible dashboards & reports: datacenters, clusters, hosts, datastores, VMs
  • Easy deployment – be up and running in no time
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Well beyond simple virtualization monitoring:

  • Heads up dashboard listing any performance issues, efficiency opportunities, and compliance violations
  • Metric drilldowns to quickly diagnose the cause of workload performance degradations stemming from storage, compute, or network resource contention.
    • VM metrics include vCPU, vMem, vStorage, IOPS, Latency
    • Host metrics including CPU, Mem, IO, Network, Swap, Ballooning, 1, 2, and 4 CPU Ready
    • Data store metrics including IOPS, Latency, Capacity, Utilization
  • Virtualization efficiency dashboard – more than simple virtualization monitoring – lists opportunities to rightsize VMs with corresponding reports to justify rightsizing actions to application owners.
    • VM Over/Under Provisioning provides meaningful right-sizing recommendations.
    • Storage Wasted Allocations provides immediate visibility into data on managed drives not associated with any VM. Quickly free up vast amounts of orphaned or unused storage.
    • Storage Allocated to Dormant VMs identifies dormant VMs and enables the reclamation of their disk space.
  • Model future infrastructure needs based on current virtualization growth rates and headroom
  • Reports on VMs, Hosts, Clusters, and Datacenters, including utilization, capacity, and headroom. Email reports on configurable schedule.
  • Agentless with no performance overhead – connects to vCenter or directly to hypervisors; pulls data from vCenter APIs (not vCenter database) to minimize performance impact.
  • Easy to download, deploy, and configure – virtualization monitoring can be up and running with recommendations in less than an hour

“What I really like is that this product doesn’t have the restrictions other tools put in place. It can manage a single vCenter Server, but the amount of hosts is unlimited. It’s truly the ONLY FREE complete infrastructure monitoring tool”.

Kendrick Coleman, vExpert

“Multi Hypervisor, can span multiple datacenters or hosts. No number of hosts limitations or VMs limitation. Packaged as single Virtual Appliance. Completely agent-less solution. The deployment steps are dead easy”.

Vladan Seget, vExpert

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Free product, no strings attached


Dead Easy Deployment

After the download, which is a bit less than 430 Mb, you need to deploy the OVF file through your vCenter. (If you’re using different hypervisor, you can pick the appropriate image for Hyper-V, Xen or RHEV.)

The appliance will get an IP from your DHCP server (optionally, you can assign static IP). You can find the assigned IP in vCenter’s VM Summary view, or in the login banner for the appliance console. Navigate to the IP in a web browser and login with:

  • user: administrator
  • password: administrator

The setup wizard will guide you through connecting the virtualization monitoring appliance to vCenter or other platforms. You will be monitoring A detailed user guide is also available from within the interface.


  • Installs as a virtual appliance, which can be accessed from any browser that supports Adobe Flash
  • 16 GB memory; 4 vCPUs; 80 GB disk storage (80 GB storage + 16 GB swap space to match RAM)
  • Hypervisors/Management supported: VMware® vCenter versions 3.5, 4, 5.x or 6.x running with ESX(i) 3.x, 4.x, 5.x or 6.x; Citrix® XenServer 5.6, 6.x; Microsoft® Hyper-V version bundled with Windows 2008R2 or 2012R2; and Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) versions 3.x
  • Configure up to one target system (e.g. vCenter, Hyper-v Host, RHEV-M)

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