VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.2 expands cloud control (InfoWorld)

by September 25th, 2012

Cloud computing has been on almost every IT organizations’ buzz word bingo sheet for many years, but still only a fraction of organizations out there today have successfully completed their “journey to the cloud.” Even VMware — a company synonymous with server virtualization — has over the last few years turned its attention to the cloud. At last year’s VMworld virtualization conference, the theme was “Your Cloud, Own It.” A year later, the VMworld 2012 conference theme was “Right Here. Right Now.” And VMware was telling show attendees “this is the time to enter the new cloud era.”

So is this the year of the cloud? Like VMware, VMTurbo seems to think so. Also like VMware, VMTurbo has its roots in virtualization. The company started out managing VMware ESX hypervisors and virtual machines, but it is now looking to the sky and updating its technology to bring additional intelligence and management to the cloud with the release of Operations Manager 3.2.

by David Marshall at InfoWorld

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