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EMA White Paper: A Brain for the Software Defined Data Center


EMA LogoENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES®(EMA™) analysts asked IT executives, IT operations staff and line of business managers and executives of 235 organizations with highly mature IT departments about the key obstacles and priorities to optimally deliver and manage applications.

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The Virtualization Practice White Paper: The Need for Automated Service Assurance in Virtualized Data Centers

Bernd Harzog – Analyst, Virtualization and Cloud Performance Management

Massive changes are occurring to how applications are built and how they are deployed and run. The benefits of these changes are dramatically increased responsiveness to the business (business agility), increased operational flexibility, and reduced operating costs.

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451 Group

New from VMTurbo: smart workload onboarding, cloud scalability and federation

The 451 Group LogoWhatever else you say about VMTurbo, you can’t fault the company’s work ethic. Version 3.2 of its flagship Operations Manager software follows the release in July of v.3.1, which itself arrived when v.3.0 was only five months old. The new release enables deployment of new application workloads based on custom or predefined templates to cloud environments, using the same economic scheduling engine VMTurbo has always used for resource allocation.

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VMTurbo 2013 EMA Vendor To WatchEMA Vendor to Watch: VMTurbo

EMA Vendors to Watch are companies that deliver unique customer value by solving problems that had previously gone unaddressed or provide value in innovative ways. The designation rewards vendors that dare to go off the beaten path and have defined their own market niches.

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Neovise LogoNeovise

IT Management for the Cloud Era

Traditional IT management solutions have focused on monitoring and alerting when individual metrics go beyond a pre-determined threshold. Most do little or nothing beyond that, leaving problem analysis and follow-on actions to highly skilled and expensive operations staff. Unfortunately, much of the agility gained through virtualization is lost when manual processing is required. To maintain and even extend the agility afforded through virtualization, IT staff members need solutions that automate the actions needed to tune the environment and maintain an optimal operating state.

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On the Radar: VMTurbo

Ovum logoManaging resource allocations and optimizing the placement of workloads in virtualized or cloud environments is a complex and challenging operation. As the use of these environments continues to grow, the importance of workload management will become more significant – with direct implications on cost, service quality, and risk. In its Operations Manager product, VMTurbo has developed a solution designed specifically for cloud and virtual environments. This solution continuously maintains workloads in the optimal operating zone, delivering quality of service guarantee and maximum infrastructure efficiency.

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Storage Switzerland

The free market management of hypervisor environments

Storage Switzerland Logo

The virtualization of data center resources and the advent of cloud computing have ushered in a new era of computing which are delivering vastly improved economies of scale for business application services. The promise of lower costs through enhanced data center efficiencies, and increased business agility via dynamic, elastic computing may be jeopardized by the absence of an intelligent framework to arbitrate all the various competing demands for infrastructure assets.

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