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Operations Manager Evaluation Tutorials

Sometimes, seeing is believing! That’s why we’ve assembled several instructive video tutorials to aid you in evaluating VMTurbo Operations Manager. We recommend that you follow a few distinct phases in your trial:


In the Discover phase, VMTurbo Operations Manager collects critical performance metrics in your virtualized cloud environment. After discovering important control points, VMTurbo delivers actionable and automatable recommendations to improve performance and resource utilization across your infrastructure.


VMTurbo Operations Manager prescribes actions to be executed to maintain optimal operating conditions. By following recommendations, you can converge your environment to improve performance and efficiency–providing service assurance and maximizing your investment in your virtual and cloud infrastructure.


Once you’ve converged your environment to the Optimal Operating Zone, VMTurbo continues to balance workload requirements with available resource capacity–automatically. As degradations and anomalies are detected, VMTurbo Operations Manager recommends and, importantly, executes the appropriate action(s) to resolve problems and prevent Quality of Service issues. This gives you the control you need to meet business objectives and eliminate the reactive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive fire-fighting that is typical with monitoring-and-alerting approaches. Take back control by letting Operations Manager drive automated, intelligent decision-making across your virtual datacenter.


VMTurbo Operations Manager delivers intelligent planning to meet your future growth requirements and other changes. “What if” planning scenarios can be simulated, allowing you to project the impact of changes to your environment for situations such as: optimizing resource use, increasing workloads using existing assets, refreshing hardware, consolidating data centers, “rightsizing” virtual machines, merging clusters, and more. Projections can be run with and without constraints, and plans can be saved and modified.