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Bridging the IT Operations-Application Owner Gap

An Intelligent Resource Broker for Application Owners, Infrastructure Managers, & Business Agility

Conflicting organizational needs all too often create tension between functional silos. Application owners demand more and more resources. Infrastructure managers are left to choose between disappointing app owners and upsetting their budget-holding superiors. This conflict is disruptive to IT’s progress in delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective service to the business.

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Are Your Capacity Management Processes Fit for the Cloud Era?

An Intelligent Roadmap for Capacity Planning

Many organizations apply overly simplistic principles to determine requirements for compute capacity in their virtualized data centers. These principles are based on a resource allocation model which takes the total amount of memory and CPU allocated to all virtual machines in a compute cluster, and assumes a defined level of over provisioning (e.g. 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 12:1) in order to calculate the requirement for physical resources.

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Can You Really Support Business Continuity Requirements?

Intelligent N+X Redundancy, Placement Affinities, & Future Proofing in the Virtualized Data Center

Virtualization brought about the ability to simplify business continuity management in IT. Workload portability and data replication capabilities mean that physical infrastructure failures no longer need impact application services, and they can rapidly be recovered even in the event of complete site failure.

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Cut Data Center Costs Like AWS:

Managing The Economics Of Your Virtualized Data Center

Virtualization has enabled organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering compute services through the consolidation of hardware and data center facilities; however in most virtualized data centers today there are significant opportunities to avoid unnecessary costs as organizations scale out their virtual IT estate.

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VMTurbo as a Cloud Control Plane

Software-Driven Control for the Software-Defined Data Center

The Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) has the potential to extend the agility, operational and capital benefits that virtualization has brought about by extending its reach throughout the datacenter stack. The ability to configure the datacenter “on the fly” alone however, will not fully deliver on those benefits to enterprises and service providers. In this paper, we outline the need for “Software-Driven Control” – the intelligence or “control plane” that can take advantage of these new software-defined capabilities.

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Workload Rightsizing

Automatically and Continuously Optimizing Workload Configurations in Your Virtual Environment

It’s so simple to add resources to a virtual machine to thwart performance issues that it’s easy to end up over-provisioning in the virtual data center. Similarly, with initiatives to increase virtual machine density and gain greater efficiency of virtualized infrastructure, it’s just as simple to have resource shortfalls that could lead to performance degradation or outages. This white paper covers workload rightsizing in virtualized data centers, and VMTurbo’s capabilities in making specific recommendations to maximize infrastructure efficiency and remediate performance risk issues.

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Successfully Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications

This white paper explores the challenges and best practices for virtualizing mission-critical applications. We examine key issues and identify major practical barriers that organizations face in this task. We conclude with advice for implementing an effective solution in your organization.

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Assuring Performance in VDI Deployments

46% of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects are stalled due to cost and performance issues. With such a stall rate, why pursue it? Because VDI enables end-user computing teams to centralize management and maintenance, lower operational costs, improve security, and deliver flexibility to mobile workers across a range of delivery form factors and devices. For all of its promise, VDI bears significant challenges and risks.

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Aligning Virtualization and Storage Management

Storage resource contention is one of the greatest performance threats to virtual infrastructures, and one of the most frustrating pains suffered by IT administrators. Why can’t virtualization and storage play nicely? Even in the most efficient environments, bottlenecks at the storage layer can adversely affect application performance just as much as contention at the server layer does. While overprovisioning arrays, I/O, and disk capacity is one method to avoid resource contention, this approach is capitally wasteful, avoidably increasing cost per GB per VM.

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Reducing the Costs of Delivering Compute Services in VMware vCloud Director Environments

VMware’s vCloud Director has created tremendous potential for Service Providers and Enterprises to deliver agile and cost effective Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through its ability to automate the self provisioning of virtual data center service offerings, by customers. Having automated self-service provisioning is the next wave of opportunities for cost and performance optimization lie in operations management. This document positions how VMTurbo delivers “Unique Business Value” and addresses significant gaps in VMware’s vCloud solution offerings.

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Sizing Up IT Operations Management

VMTurbo is a company founded on the belief that IT operations management needs to be fundamentally changed to allow companies to unlock the full value of virtualized infrastructure and cloud services. This paper describes why organizations managing virtualized infrastructure need to move beyond monitoring, alerting and reporting, and describes an automated control system for today’s virtualized data centers that leverages prescriptive analytics to control the environment in an optimal state.

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Accelerating Virtualization Initiatives

In this white paper you’ll learn how Unified Virtualization Management (UVM) technologies will not only assure application performance, but also provide systemic whole-stack and whole-system management solutions well beyond the ad-hoc fragmentation and limitations of current systems.

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An Improved Approach to Virtualization Management: Are We Chasing Today’s Problems with Yesterday’s Tools?

This white paper examines the unique requirements of today’s virtual data center and the approach VMTurbo takes to maintain the optimal equilibrium. This game-changing approach begs the question, “why are we chasing today’s problems with yesterday’s tools?” and answers it with a thorough look at VMTurbo’s free market economy model.

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Successfully Managing Performance & Capacity in Cloud Environments

This white paper identifies several shortcomings associated with specific analytical approaches and explores the analytical capabilities required to holistically address these challenges.

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Utilizing Automation & Control to Improve TCO in Cloud Infrastructures

This white paper explores the key challenges service providers face as they scale out “Cloud Infrastructure as a Service” and how these can be addressed by leveraging next-generation infrastructure operations management solutions that provide the intelligence, automation and orchestration capabilities to automate service delivery processes and deliver greater financial returns.

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Applying an Economic Model to IT Management

In this white paper, we describe how VMTurbo’s supply-chain economy uniquely addresses these requirements by combining monitoring (Observe), analytics (Advise), and actions (Automate) to enable proactive, ROI-centric virtualization management.

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Top Purchase Considerations for Virtualization Management

Many organizations have hit the critical “scaling” stage of their virtualization initiatives – moving past simple consolidation initiatives and taking a “virtualization first” stance on IT expansion. Chances are that size, complexity, and dynamic workload demands are creating new challenges for operations staff, making if difficult to keep pace. This paper proposes purchase criteria for virtualization management solutions.

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Increasing Virtualization Benefits and Data Center Health

Virtualizing the data center allows for reduced energy costs, utility bills and management overhead; however, it also causes increased complexity. Thankfully, there are new approaches to workload management that can maximize the benefits of virtualization. This FAQ guide presents this new approach and answers key questions.

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