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Welcome to the Software-Defined World

Like human flight, abstracting hardware into software was a revolution that unleashed humans from prior constraints like gravity or silicon. As with any revolution, however, new capabilities create new challenges. In the Software-Defined World, where the dynamic datacenter changes on a minute-by-minute basis, traditional approaches no longer suffice.  The Software-Defined World needs a fundamentally new, different approach… Software-Driven Control.


takeoffUnleashing man from the bonds of gravity was revolutionary; as was the ability to define in software what formerly existed only in hardware. But like IT Ops monitoring before it, this was merely an enabling technology – the first step in a much longer journey…


drive-planeThe ability merely to fly wasn’t enough for some. They wanted to cross oceans, carry passengers… to re-define “the world.” The same is true for the software-defined world, where more is being driven in software, further, than ever imaginable. And while monitoring’s evolution into IT management by adding basic automation enabled Ops to do more, in today’s dynamic world it can’t keep up. To drive your environment to a healthy state and keep it there, you need more – Software-Driven Control.


sonicboom-jetWhat is Software-Driven Control? In a word: Intelligence. It’s no different than the software-based intelligence enabling pilots to fly today’s most advanced fighter aircraft. For the reality is that today’s most advanced fighters must be so agile that without software-based control they would be impossible for humans to fly without crashing.

Come to think of it, isn’t that how your data center feels now? To maintain the agility business demands, your datacenter is now dynamic beyond human scale. To keep things from crashing, management alone – even with automated vMotions – is no longer enough. Management needs Intelligence: Software empowering your datacenter not only to heal itself, but organize itself in real-time to prevent it from getting sick in the first place.

Monitoring… Management… To which VMTurbo now adds Intelligence.

This is Software-Driven Control.

How? Well, with VMTurbo your virtual data center becomes the perfect market. Your workloads and infrastructure are perfectly rational economic actors with real-time information. So VMTurbo abstracts your environment – workload (applications, VMs), compute, storage, fabric, etc – into a common data model those entities can use to price their resources based on efficient supply and demand. The invisible hand of the market takes care of the rest.

In the process VMTurbo shows your people exactly what they need to do not only to keep things running smoothly, but also in the lowest cost, most efficient way possible.

VMTurbo can help you assure that your infrastructure performs while:

Maximizing Efficiency

– Defer hardware and other capex-related costs by maximizing utilization of the resources you have on the floor today, regardless of what hardware, storage, or hypervisor mix you choose. 89% of VMTurbo customers see an ROI within 90 days – through increasing utilization by 20% or more.

Maximizing Productivity

– Your team is smart. Many of them have advanced degrees. A few of them probably have great ideas. So why waste all of that promise in AlertLand? Put your team on other projects – innovation anyone? – and let them set aside their fire helmets. 55% of VMTurbo customers see team productivity increase 20% – or more…

Maximizing Agility

– Virtualization without VMTurbo is a supersonic jet that has yet to break the sound barrier. Until now, capacity planning, workload growth, P2V migration, V2V migration, and resource diversification have been risky business. Future-proof your data center and unleash its supersonic potential. Let’s break that sound barrier.

The ability to balance performance and efficiency may have always seemed impossible, but with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, that balance can be yours: controlled by you (and VMTurbo) in your own data center.

Can’t do that in AWS…


Mary Washington Healthcare Logo“VMTurbo has drastically reduced the need to monitor and manage our VM environment. It delivers a hands-off optimization capability that goes far beyond standard DRS and SDRS features. VMTurbo has allowed us to eliminate a significant number of expensive capital purchases by maximizing and optimizing the use of existing host and storage resources. We more than recouped our investment within one fiscal quarter.” –  George Amols, Manager, Technology Architecture, Mary Washington Healthcare.