How It Works

Why Scottish Moral Philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790) Was The Greatest Virtual Architect of All Time

A long time ago, one part of the world believed in a government so smart that it could tell who to make what and when, so that everything could be directed from the top down. This approach worked well for a while, but soon, the diversity and volume of goods became too complex for the government to manage while keeping its denizens happy.

Then, in 1776, a Scot named Adam Smith wrote a book. Its main idea: “Let’s set a few simple rules and have the people work it out for themselves.” Supply. Demand. Price. People loved the idea so much, they used it to build entirely new nations.

One of our favorite software execs, Tony Stark, said it best: “That’s how America does it, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.”

Problem is, IT Operations has spent the last few decades following the old command-and-control model: give us more and more data (even better, “Big Data”) and we’ll make sure to tell the trains where to run, when, and keep them on time.

Except we’ve reached a point where managing the data center is beyond human scale. Luckily, we’ve taken a page from Adam Smith.

The world’s most sophisticated fighter jets are designed to fly aeronautically unstable in order to increase agility, and thus need a software-based control system. So too does the modern, agile, virtualized datacenter require Software-Driven Control with the right approach to assure performance while sweating its infrastructure to its theoretical limit.

That approach is as American as apple pie: the market.

Rather than use IT Operations’ traditional command-and-control approach, VMTurbo teaches your VMs and other data center entities the basic rules of economics – supply and demand, really – gives them real-time information, and then, just like the good old American economy, lets the VMs work it out for themselves.

Thanks, Smitty.

Key Benefits

  • Single-instance, multi-hypervisor management
  • Visibility into all layers of IT stack
  • Intelligent workload placement

To do that, VMTurbo’s Software-Driven Control platform leverages:

  • A common data model abstracting each abstract of your environment into data
  • Algorithms that effectively teach that environment’s entities basic supply-and-demand economics so they can price their resources
  • Real-time information so those entities can work it out for themselves

And, in the process of them working it out, VMTurbo gives you the decisions you need to drive your data center to a state of perpetual health that assures performance while maximizing infrastructure ROI, and controls it in that desired state.

That’s why 89% of VMTurbo customers see a hard-dollar ROI within 90 days.

Pie chart showing that 24% of VMTurbo Operations Manager customers see value in their IT operations in less than 3 days and 62% (cumulatively) see value in 3 weeks or less and 89% see value in 90 days.