How VMTurbo Works

VMTurbo models your data center as an economic market.

Creating the Perfect Market in Your Data Center

Your workloads and infrastructure are the ultimate rational actors—they’re computers, after all. VMTurbo “teaches” them market principles of supply, demand, and price to transform your data center into a perfect market. It abstracts workload (applications, VMs, Containers), compute, storage, fabric, etc. into a common data model. Those entities then price their resources based on efficient supply and demand. As utilization of a resource increases so does the price.

While the typical monitoring software puts all the burden on you to figure things out, VMTurbo enables your workloads and infrastructure to work it out among themselves. Your data center is kept in a state of perpetual health—at the highest possible utilization. That’s the Desired State.


  • A common data model abstracting each entity of your environment into data
  • Algorithms that effectively teach that environment’s entities basic supply-and-demand economics so they can price their resources
  • Real-time information so those entities can work it out for themselves

As vExpert Eric Shanks described it:

“VMTurbo Operations Manager looks at all of the resources in your clusters, including compute, storage, network, memory, etc and makes recommendations to you similar to how the stock market works. Let me explain using an example.

Two virtual machines are both fighting for storage resources. As Systems Administrators we know that resource contention is a problem. VMTurbo looks at this not necessarily as a problem, but as a high price transaction. Just like in a Market Economy, two people fighting over the same thing will drive up the price of the item. VMTurbo Operations Manager would make a recommendation to move one of the workloads to a different datastore in order to lower the cost for both virtual machines. Conversely, if a high priced resource like solid state disks aren’t being utilized, then this resource might be considered a bargain and Operations Manager would recommend moving a virtual machine to utilize the SSD in order to take advantage of the bargain. Make sense?”