The Market Abstraction and Economic Scheduling Engine

VMTurbo’s market-based approach depends on an architecture that’s fundamentally different from the typical monitor – which drowns you in data and leaves it to you to sort out what alerts are meaningful, and what is noise. Which, if you think about it, is no one’s idea of Nirvana…

VMTurbo Datacenter Architecture Graphic

VMTurbo’s approach abstracts each aspect of your environment – workload (applications, VMs), compute, storage, fabric, etc. – into a common data model so those entities can price their resources based on efficient supply and demand.

VMTurbo then takes this pricing information – nearly perfect, and in real-time – and shares it with your datacenter entities to work out where your workloads should live in a desired state of perpetual health – your datacenter’s Nirvana; that is, until some new workload or demand comes along, and that desired state changes. Which happens in your environment. All. The. Time.

Key Benefits

  • Single-instance, multi-hypervisor management
  • Visibility into all layers of IT stack; Intelligent workload placement

So unlike your typical monitor – which puts all the burden on you to figure things out, leaving you with little time to do the strategic planning you’d rather be doing – VMTurbo actually manages your environment, driving it to this desired state of perpetual health and controlling it there at the highest utilization possible.

Experience Nirvana for yourself for 30 days You’ll first arrive in less than 30 minutes, and within an hour you’ll start seeing recommendations that we’re pretty certain you’ll accept. Then you’ll be on your way…