Virtualization may have started off with physical server consolidation in a lot of companies, but it offers great power to streamline operations, from disaster recovery to development, deployment and upgrades of applications.

But with great power comes great responsibility. And VMTurbo lets you harness the power of virtualization – by taking a completely different approach to managing and controlling your datacenter, it takes the data from your environment and lets your workloads and other infrastructure entities figure it out for themselves. It uses efficient market principles to control your datacenter, keeping it healthy and efficient, both now and as you expand.

There’s a wealth of applications and use cases for VMTurbo’s control system including:

What Customers Say

George Sherman

George Sherman

Head of Compute Services at JPMorgan Chase

VMTurbo’s technology is helping JPMorgan Chase optimize the utilization of virtual environments and thereby supporting a move from reactive to predictive workload management. Automation will enable our support teams to focus on higher value activity by preventing incidents and dynamically optimizing virtual environments.