Reclaim Resources and Rightsizing to Avoid VM Sprawl

Not Too Big. Not Too Small. No More Sprawl.

Virtualization made things easier right? Easy to spin up VMs. Easy to provision on-the-fly. Only problem is, creating a new VM is a little too easy, and before you know it, you’ve got proliferation – VM sprawl – of active and inactive VMs, files and snapshots. Some of them are supposed to be there, some of them not so much, and all of them must be tracked for license compliance and maintenance.

And when you get requests to support new applications, the application absolutely has to have all of those vCPUs and memory right? – does it?

Fortunately, VMTurbo has you covered. With numerous reports and dashboards to help you track down dormant or Zombie VMs, orphaned files, excess snapshot and log file usage and more, VMTurbo helps you reclaim precious storage and compute resources that can be used for nobler purposes.

And because VMTurbo’s control system uses efficient market principles to balance supply and demand, it always knows the right move to rightsize your VMs to the right configuration to keep your application users happy while efficiently using your infrastructure resources.

It’s doing the hard work for you, looking at the real time and historical utilization values and peaks, understanding the topological dependencies and constraints, workload placement policies and more to arrive at the best rightsizing decisions. And it provides you with the backing evidence and metrics you need to take those decisions back to application owners if necessary.

When you’re ready, VMTurbo can implement those decisions for you, all in accordance with your existing change windows and practices. Get your life back and vanquish VM sprawl, once and for all.


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VMTurbo Operations Manager Rightsizing Opportunities Dashboard

Evidence to justify workload rightsizing decisions

VMTurbo Operations Manager Dashboard For Workload Sizing

Actions to improve efficiency

What Customers Say

Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell

Server Administrator, Tecsys Inc.

[VMTurbo] Tamed our virtual server sprawl, proactively tuned performance, identified trouble-spots and planned for capacity within budget allowances. Because VMTurbo is a highly effective tool for managing and optimizing virtual environments, it is effective from the simple installation to months later as new features are discovered and implemented.

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