VMTurbo was founded during the 2009 recession to help IT do more with less. Every feature in our data center management product is built to drive measurable improvement in your virtual infrastructure.

Assure Workload Performance

Assure existing and new applications perform reliably every time, all the time.

We have this conversation at least once a day:

“And that’s my Exchange cluster. When we first virtualized Exchange, I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t compete with other apps.”
“Have you considered consolidating it into your main production cluster? You’d get great economies of scale.”
“Yeah, I know. Frankly I’d love to…it’d be one less cluster to manage, too. I just don’t know where to put it, and definitely don’t want to interrupt email service. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?”

VMTurbo is the only data center management solution that uses dynamic workload placement and resource allocation decisions to keep the environment healthy 24×7. VMTurbo prevents issues from happening in the first place, avoiding potential disruptions to your applications and users.

IT Agility

Be ready for anything the business throws at you, and adapt in record time.

Stuck? We help our customers realize their most complicated virtualization initiatives.

  • Self-provisioning: VMTurbo Operations Manager Cloud Edition complements existing self-service orchestration solutions such as SCORCH, vCAC, and Chef, to provide intelligent initial placement and automated deployment after initial approvals are met. Specifically, organizations can integrate VMTurbo at the provisioning step of their CLM process to analyze risks across a broad set of resources and identify the best placement on storage and compute.
  • Cloud Bursting: VMTurbo supports a broad range of hypervisors and cloud platforms across private, public, and hybrid clouds. VMTurbo’s Hybrid Cloud Module will automatically move workloads to the cloud.
  • HA/DR: VMTurbo compliments existing HA/DR solutions by validating compliance, and supporting workload performance in the event of failure/DR. VMTurbo can also be set up for active/active management, to have a secondary instance controlling DR recovery sites in the event of outage.
  • Cluster Consolidation: We can also help you consolidate clusters through our advanced planning tools.
  • VDI, Converged Fabric, Private & Hybrid Cloud, SDN: Yes, that too.

Maximize Infrastructure Utilization & Improve Operational Efficiency

80% of our customers improve utilization and VM densities by more than 20%. This improvement comes from intelligent, dynamic placements of workloads, which enables your organization to safely run hotter.

VMTurbo reduces trouble tickets by up to 80%. VMTurbo preventatively makes resource allocation decisions to keep your environment healthy – which means end users don’t complain.

Graph shows how VMTurbo operations manager makes specific improvement in data center management by increasing IT staff productivity and improving resource utilization to reduce capital expenditure.

Customers Realize Tangible Benefits in both Capital and Operating Expense

There used to be a time when data center performance assurance meant simply throwing more hardware at the problem; over-allocation or over-provisioning was the “insurance policy” against performance problems, and the premium was worth paying. You had already saved so much money virtualizing — why not give a little bit back?

But public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are pushing IT to deliver cost-effective, agile resources on demand. VMTurbo is the management engine that will get you there.

VMTurbo’s data center management drives your data center to an optimal state, where cost is minimized without risking workload performance. And it dynamically responds to changes in workloads and infrastructure, making your cloud look like Amazon’s.

What customers say:

GNAX Logo“The way I can describe VMTurbo is fantastic. We’ve seen operational value. We’ve seen financial value. It’s enabled a lot of smart growth.” —William D. Souder, VP of Engineering and Online Operations, GNAX