Download VMTurbo Virtual Health Monitor

Step 1: Download FREE Virtual Health Monitor

*For earlier versions of Hyper-V, please contact us
Which one? Choose the format based on the hypervisor that will host the VMTurbo VM. Regardless of where you choose to deploy VMTurbo, it will monitor heterogeneous environments.
More questions? Read our frequently asked questions.


Step 2: Deploy the Virtual Instance

Deploy the VMTurbo image (OVA/OVF). When you have booted the VM, you can access VMTurbo by typing the VM’s IP address in a web browser. The username and password are both administrator. For more information about configuring DHCP, see our deployment FAQ.

Step 3: Request a License Key

VMTurbo will prompt you for a license key, which will be an XML snippet. You can request a license directly in the interface or here.