Efficient and Differentiated Cloud Infrastructure Services

The Best Reason to Keep Your Head In The Clouds

Your ongoing success in delivering Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is founded on your ability to minimize your cost base by sweating infrastructure assets, and industrializing service delivery processes to remove, wherever possible, the dependency on human resources. At the same time, you must deliver innovative services that differentiate your offering in the market relative to your competitors.

VMTurbo’s value is completely aligned with these business objectives. By using our solution you can:

Reduce Ongoing Infrastructure Costs

VMTurbo’s intelligent resource allocation and workload placement capabilities provide service providers with a new way to drive more value from their server and storage infrastructure: increasing virtual machine density ratios without compromising workload performance. Using these capabilities, service providers can:

  • Realize gains of 30% or more in virtual machine density over what is achievable with native hypervisor tools and resource scheduling
  • Optimize compute and storage resources in ongoing operations, as well as planning and deploying new workloads
  • Maximize storage utilization without risking storage outages by aligning thin provisioning in the virtualization and storage domains
  • Reclaim terabytes of wasted storage by identifying files that were not removed when virtual machines were decommissioned

Eliminate Support Costs

VMTurbo prescribes preventive actions—and can automate them, if enabled—to ensure quality of service for workloads running in virtual data centers while driving the most efficient utilization of resources. This allows you to:

  • Reduce the number of incidents, problems and alerts in your virtual and storage infrastructure by preventing problems before they become critical
  • Eliminate labor-intensive activities associated with triaging problems and incidents from performance bottlenecks in your server and storage infrastructure, virtual data centers and virtual machines
  • Decrease the number of service desk calls by providing customers with greater insight about service performance and consumption, so they can eliminate your infrastructure as a cause of application performance issues

Accelerate Time To Revenue

Implementing self-service provisioning allows subscribers to accelerate the delivery of new business initiatives, and reduce the time between order and invoice from days or weeks to hours.  However, it introduces new challenges for service providers in ensuring that there is sufficient capacity to meet new demand. VMTurbo offers “what-if” scenario simulation to help you:

  • Ensure that new infrastructure is brought on line at the right time and existing infrastructure is fully exploited, minimizing the risk that you cannot immediately fulfill new orders and bill subscribers
  • Industrialize and simplify demand planning and management processes
  • Confirm that workloads are placed correctly in your infrastructure to maximize the use of existing resources at the point of deployment
  • Optimize existing server and storage infrastructure on an ongoing basis to create the most headroom possible for new customer demand

Fast-Track Service Adoption

Service providers must demonstrate how they can deliver a higher quality of service at a lower cost than the present mode of operation with on-premises IT. VMTurbo can be used as part of a proof-of-value evaluation, without the need for costly pre-sales and/or services engagements. Using VMTurbo, you can:

  • Gather a detailed picture of a potential subscriber’s existing virtual estate in minutes and build an intimate understanding of workload profiles over time
  • Develop a transformation plan in hours using reports and “what if” simulation to show the benefits and ROI of moving to a service platform
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of potential subscriber’s needs and confidence that you can provide a bullet-proof solution for service delivery while lowering the cost of compute
  • Leverage proof-of-value data to simplify the process of onboarding new subscribers

Differentiate Services

When application developers specify their needs for compute and storage resources, they are typically based on theoretical models regarding future demand. This can lead to over-provisioning, which results in unnecessary costs, or in some cases under-provisioning that results in quality of service issues when applications are starved for compute and storage resources to operate reliably.  Using VMTurbo service providers can:

  • Provide tenant customers with secure views and ongoing recommendations regarding their provisioned service so they can make more effective decisions to manage service levels and maximize their ROI
  • Deliver this capability across shared, private cloud infrastructure and managed service platforms
  • Eliminate the need for costly and risky in-house software development activities to develop these capabilities
  • Embed these capabilities into a customer portal or leverage the results produced by VMTurbo in preferred reporting and orchestration systems
  • Develop new service offerings and business models that leverage the capabilities of VMTurbo to dynamically and automatically adjust resource allocation

VMTurbo provides pay-as-you-go models for Cloud Infrastructure service providers, eliminating the need for upfront CapEx investment to realize these benefits.

csc“VMTurbo’s intelligent placement of workloads and ability to allocate resources based on application performance and business priorities enables us to provide reliable cloud services to our enterprise customers.”Eli Almog, CTO of Trusted Cloud and Hosting Solutions, CSC